The Kayon Hotel News
The Kayon Hotels & Resorts, Turn to Present a Truly Authentic Hospitality around the World.
The Kayon Hotels & Resorts, a truly authentic hospitality is presenting an authentic and thematic boutique hotel experience.
The authenticity of The Kayon is the philosophy that our team is a family and treating our guests like family, everyone becomes very special by the heart service in every single way, which makes it so hard to leave. Kayon means the spirit of the true essence of life, Kayon in Wayang Kulit, or shadow puppet show is the symbol of the universe with its flawless kindness and graciousness. Staying at any of The Kayon hotels & resorts to experience this spirit of hospitality, where every guest is warmly welcomed with a smile, heart, graciousness, and it’s all dedicated to your complete enjoyment and wellbeing
The Kayon Hotels and Resorts started from Ubud, presented for traveler who loves nature, Balinese culture and experience the truly Ubud.  The journey started from The Kayon Resort Ubud as the first of the The Kayon Hotels & Resorts which was built in 2013 and opened for a visit in 2014. The Kayon Jungle Resort as the second of The Kayon Hotels & Resorts was built in 2017 and opened for a visit in 2019 in Payangan Bali. The Kayon Hotels & Resorts with truly authentic hospitality has received many awards as honeymoon and holiday destination which makes the business growth reaches the occupancy up to 97% on average and it brings us to be the top leading five-star resort with high reputation.
The Kayon Hotels & Resorts Board of Director, Mr. Putu Suryawan, President and Mrs. Farah Palupi, Vice President proudly announces Mr. I Wayan Sucitra, who has been Officially appointed as Chief Executive Officer effectively from 1st of September 2022. Mr. I Wayan Sucitra, is a young hotel expert who has passionate on human capital and trainings with various working experiences in executive levels at international hotels chains. He felt in love with the hospitality of the Kayon and started to blend with the company culture and deeply learned the company values as a General Manager. As a CEO he is confident to combine the authenticity of Kayon hospitality with the touch of international hotel standard. Being experienced he will be able to spread the Kayon brand around the globe. The Kayon Hotel & Resorts has a clear vision to present an authentic and thematic Boutique Hotel Experience, with the mission to preserve natural habitat and respect local culture in resort design, with the spirit of hospitality by welcoming everyone like home.

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